Oh come the hell on.

I guess you are running out of ways to say “look at me look at me looooook attttt meeeeeeeeeee!” Aside from making up a bunch of shit (that by the way, isn’t written anywhere, like both parents being natural born for you to be natural born) you really don’t want to fall out of the limelight, do you? I mean, you even went so far as to accuse him of taking documents from someone who had died years in advance. Do you REALLY think that he was not investigated inside and out before he became a president – someone who has access to GAMMA levels of intelligence? Yeah, doesn’t make sense now, does it?

It was pretty humorous how Colbert trolled the hell out of you on his show. Did you not catch him just subtly ripping you apart and the fact your tinfoil hat brigade is running on vapor? DID YOU REALLY COMPARE HIS ADMINISTRATION TO NAZI GERMANY? There’s this thing called a psychiatrist – you might want to take a visit sometime.

Here’s the thing – you lost. Obama won the election. This wasn’t a rigged thing, this wasn’t some controversy over hanging chads or some bullshit, this was a result of the people stating that THEY WANT HIM IN OFFICE. What he does now determines if he gets to come back in 4 years, so instead of being the sore loser, why don’t you work to fix things that are problematic now? Oh, I guess that would be the difficult way to do things, so why bother, huh?

Because you obviously haven’t realized it yet, let me clear things up for you real fast:
Obama Wins!

That help you any?