Had a great dinner with Liz last night, and she gave me a bunch of leftovers. Guess who is having a fantastic dinner of Pad thai, Satay chicken, and hummus? DAMN she makes good hummus, I have to fight off coworkers to have it. Can’t wait to see her again!

On to the world news. Frankly, my concern right now is shifting from the direct threat in Afghanistan to the subtle threat that is Russia. I somehow feel like we are backsliding into a new type of cold war. Just like then, the implicit threats are growing bigger and bigger. They rank ridiculously high on the bad economy scale (after Mexico!) and high on the corruption index (After Syria and Bangladesh). This is pretty disturbing considering the ultra-nationalistic rhetoric coming out of there lately. I think this is something we need to diplomatically nip in the bud, because otherwise they are going to keep requesting concessions of some sort, and keep trying to make us look like the bad guy.

Still out of touch with reality. The Supreme Leader of Iran is pissed off at our defense plans. He really believes that we have made up all this shit about their nuclear ambitions. Correction, he is PRETENDING to believe it, as if he has no clue what their method of madness towards nuclear weapons is. Hint: Many many people know how your government work and where the lines of control are. You aren’t really fooling us, buddy. This is dangerous, and if we back down now we are setting a really nasty precedent for nuclear weapons development. Thankfully, I trust our President enough that he won’t back down.

Our President is awesome. I’m a bit biased, I guess. I find it interesting that even with all this healthcare bullshit, his approval is still pretty good. Could it be, perhaps, because people realize just how much he wants to help the country, and his people? For the first time in two terms, we have a President that cares more about the people in the country than the face of the country as a whole.

Drug staging area in West Africa All I have to say really is: what took you so fucking long? I’m surprised it took them this long to expand into a volatile area like this. There’s two things – it’s going to stabilize the area some through sheer violence, but also provide a good staging ground to hop into Southern Europe. Good yet worse.

MIT students launch a balloon to near-space. These kids are awesome. I wish I had this sorta brains when I was growing up. They get a balloon to near-space and take some ridiculously good pictures. I hope that NASA picks these two up, because we need brains like that. Oh, did I mention that they did this all for about 148$? Damn.