It’s a pity that I have to go with another provider. Apparently, the 200$ more that you want for an iphone is more important than a 2-year contract with a customer. Here’s a little backstory:

About a year and a half ago, my old phone broke. So, I came and got a new one, and ended up with a 2-year plan. I had no intention of switching services. Now it’s time to get a new phone, and I’m looking at an iphone since I dislike upgrading phones, but I needed to move into the era of smart phones, really. Besides, trying to text on this one is a pain in the ass. So I had planned to pick one up for the discounted price of 199$. When I went in, I found that I would have to wait until DECEMBER to get this price – because there are 7 months left on my 2 year plan. It doesn’t matter that I planned to get another contract, and that they would lose a customer if I did not get this, but no one was willing to deal with me. The AT&T store manager even came up with the idea of charging me the 400$ to satisfy the apple contract, and then having at&t credit me back 200$. I would have even been fine with this, because now it was just about actually getting what the customer wanted. I didn’t really care about the money, but I found it so very difficult to believe no one at AT&T would work with me.

Now, I understand that yes, I’m requesting something outside of the norm. What I DON’T understand is why no one is willing to really work with me at all. I’m not asking for a free phone or a break in my contract. Hell, I’m RENEWING a contract. Apparently, that doesn’t quite compute or they don’t care. I can’t even believe the company would rather lose my business than even eat the 200$ for the phone costs. I just don’t get it.

And we wonder why some companies these days have so many problems at maintaining revenue and customers, because no one knows what the hell to do when there is a different issue at hand.

Basically, what I’m saying is that AT&T doesn’t care about me as a customer. Please pass this around.