I appreciate that you really love your sports. But please stop telling me to “Roll Tide” because half of the time I think you are telling me I need to change my laundry detergent. I really don’t care about what college team is playing who and where and for why. Sports bores the hell outta me unless I’m playing it.

Now, on to other issues since we got that out of the way and I alienated 7/8 of my friends in Georgia. As for the news, there really isn’t much outside of the usual stuff. We’ve got Ford cars to read twitter, some more terrorism shit, and the TSA being dumb again. Find them yourself if you want info, they really aren’t worth the effort.

I am interested in the thoughts people have about the role of higher education in the radicalization process of terrorist suspects overseas. Do you think higher education contributes to, or retards the effect of radical influences. Take into consideration the cultural aspects one might feel the influence of while they are in school.