Sometimes when you are brooding, you can come up with some seriously weird shit…that actually makes sense. This one involves paranormal activity and their interaction with the world. It’s called the title.

First, a few assumptions:
1) The law of conservation of energy holds true in our universe – “There is a state function E, called ‘energy’, whose differential equals the work exchanged with the surroundings during an adiabatic process.” – Rudolf Clausius, 1850, First Law of Thermodynamics
2) Consequently, our universe is a closed system. Ignore the possibility of size expansion due to bubble theory, this has no impact.

The issue here has to relate to paranormal activity. When a paranormal entity, such as a poltergeist throwing a cup around or moving a chair, or even a ghost showing up on a picture, or someone seeing a flash of light, is observed, there is an exchange of energy. The light striking the entity causes a change in the wavelength of the light and the absorption of some – a transfer of energy. Likewise, in the case of a poltergeist, something is causing a change in momentum and a gain of kinetic energy in the object.

Here’s the thing to consider: where does this energy come from? If it is coming from within our closed system, then this means that these paranormal entities function within the laws of our physical universe, and should be completely measurable by scientific methods. These EMF readers and changes in temperature are probably correct in this case and are reliably detecting entities. In fact, if this is the case, then it means that we can probably come up with methods that work pretty well across the board.

On the other hand, we have the difficult consideration that their energy is coming from somewhere else. This means that these paranormal entities are:
1) Drawing their energy from somewhere else outside of our closed system, bridging two closed systems perhaps
2) Creating the energy themselves, lying outside of the realm of (our) physics

That has some interesting implications. It could mean that there are more dimensions that somehow these entities can cross. String theory and other crazy physics tell us that certain models definitely show the capability of other dimensions existing.

Here’s a thought exercise to consider this by. A paranormal entity pushes a chair across the floor of a person’s kitchen. In doing so, there is velocity and acceleration imparted to the chair. The entity pushing this has to gain the motive force to push the chair from somewhere, right? If the entity pulled energy from our world (we aren’t speculating where, how, or how it was converted) then there should be some measurable change that is most likely consistent with other activities like this. Of course, it could be different based on the area. In this case, it is possible that areas of cold are the entity leeching heat from the air as an energy source. Not purposefully, probably, but because they too are constrained by the laws of physics. If, on the other hand, it is pulling energy from somewhere outside our closed system to cause this move, what effect does this have on our closed system as energy is being introduced to it with no corresponding reduction anywhere else?

More importantly – what does that mean about the conservation of energy? That it can be violated in our universe and not cause any problems?

As to why it’s called the inconsistency, I used that term because as of right now, the methods and interactions of current entities are not consistent with any identifiable methods, nor can their interactions be completely quantified within standard physics.