So we’ve got a serious problem brewing out there in the Pacific. Yeah, in the ” north pacific gyre” there is a bunch of concentrated plastic strewing. I found this when a friend linked me to this video here. is pretty damn awesome, by the way. Anyways, this chronicles three reporters as they go out on this scientist’s boat to see the plastic collecting in the gyre. It’s basically a big circular stream, so stuff gets caught in a circle, concentrated and stashed there. It’s pretty damn horrifying – watch the video linked.

Now here’s my conundrum: it’s coming down more and more to society versus ecology. I say this because keeping society running now requires a lot of the same shit that is polluting so bad. On the other hand, you have the severe ecologists who try to live with a zero footprint, which is frankly almost impossible in this day and age. Where can we find the compromise? We can try to shift society towards a greener lifestyle, but people are too complacent and selfish. There’s too much of a desire for hedonism and luxury, and so many people these days don’t even know the amazing high you get just from EXERCISING. It’s absolutely absurd. We can see the world slowly dying around us (yet people are still saying global warming as a consequence of this fucking pollution doesn’t exist – pull your head out of your ass please) but we would rather sit in our opulent lifestyle.

Sadly, I’m one of those. I have no idea how to fix this. It concerns me. I can’t withdraw from society and live green, because I’m a type that fights to keep society together and running safe. That’s how I roll. We need to be more concerned about this, more conscious. How do we save the world from ourselves, from our arrogance, from our hedonism (which isn’t totally bad, really), from our selfishness?