Ok, so there are two things bugging me this early morning.

First off, I’d like to give a hearty FUCK YOU to not only the republicans, but lately the democrats too. You idiots are beginning to stall things now and introduce absolutely retarded bills why – because you are starting to lean more towards the political game. Because you fear for your cushy ass job, you are forgetting that you serve the people and working more towards your politics. You are really beginning to annoy the hell out of me.

Second, about this tax on sugar / salt / whatever – why do people complain about the fucking debt and then say “HAY TAX IS GOOD LETS PUT IT TOWARDS X” then turn around and wonder why the debt is growing? Instead of applying this tax to every tom, dick and harry program, why don’t you apply some of this shit towards the debt you complain so much about?

People are dumb and selfish and sometimes I wonder why I risk my ass to keep them safe. I like to call it a dysfunctional public service gland.