We slip back more and more each day towards the dark ages. Why do I say that? Because it was a time when faith and belief ruled the world, and logic and science took a back seat to whatever crap was coming from the religious leaders at the time. We have Texas leading the charge towards inequality and religious elitism, with North Carolina not far behind. How so, might you ask – well, check the links below.

Texas conservatives ok school textbook change. This is absolutely horrifying considering Texas, due to it’s size and population, controls many of the textbooks in the country since the companies cater to them. Basically, their group that controls textbook reviews decided that there should not be any discussion of separation of church and state, to leave out historical leaders like Thomas Jefferson (since he coined separation of church and state) and excluding non-white historical figures, including the latinos that are so prevalent in Texas. Seriously, are they trying to make our children even more retarded then they already are? I don’t quite understand why they feel the need to cultivate this level of ignorance, but it is extremely frightening. In essence, Texas is rewriting history in their own terms, which are that of Christian, white males.

North Carolina fucking agrees! Basically, a teacher refused to lead the class discussion away from the textbook. Some of the kids wanted to go on a tangent about creationism and she refused. They began to harass her, placing bibles on her desk and putting cards that said “Merry Christmas” with the “christ” underlined. If you look at the FBI definition of hate crimes, this actually falls under that category. They began wearing religious shirts to class, sang christian songs in class and refused to do her work, and read the bible. She posted comments about what happened on her facebook profile (comments are here) and they are exceptionally tame. She handled these things extremely well – yet she has been sacked by the school board of North Carolina.

I am so very pissed off at this I plan to drop an email to the school in question letting them know that I don’t fight so I can see people religiously oppressed like this. For fucks sake, this is the shit we are fighting AGAINST in the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

Man. What the fuck.