On a side note, I just caught two stories on the BBC I had missed earlier.

First off, Ehud Barak, the man that MADE Sayerot Mat’kal the force it is today, said that it is certain that a Palestinian state will be established. I was really not expecting this considering the brutality that he has seen and been part of himself. I think Barak, that “lock-picking bastard”, is an amazing person, but I never expected him to see this as a necessity. Nor did I think he would believe that it could function properly. However, if he has faith that it has to happen, and you can be sure that he will make sure it is secure, then it will work.

Secondly, Iran is still insane. Khamenie, this time, calling the US “An atomic criminal”. Really? He then has the gall to say that nuclear attacks are prevented by religion – yet somehow jihad attacks on civilians are not? Even, you know, considering jihad doesn’t really exist in most Muslim faiths. Oh, what a card. Iran is a threat to all civilized societies across the world, and it’s unclear as to what we can do about them.

I am concerned.