Some people try to downplay it. Some people don’t even really know what’s going on. A friend of mine said “BP stock will continue to fall until the next little blonde is kidnapped or a senator is in a sex scandal”. I think she was true, unfortunately. I can’t shake the malaise that I see every damn time I catch a glimpse of the oil spilling out, which, unfortunately, is every morning when I check out the ROV feeds from “BP is evil”. It’s seriously like something out of a crazy heaven and hell style movie. Watching the oil along with the toxic corexit spraying everywhere makes me wonder if this is a picture of what hell looks like directly.

It just frightens me on some cellular level. I mean, the amount of oil coming from this wellhead is very fucking significant. Look at it! This isn’t some damn trickle, and all this has to go somewhere. Where is it going to go? Every damn nook and cranny in the gulf and beyond, and here we have BP still doing everything it can to up its profit margins.

Ladies and gentlemen – this is our new hell, and this is the legacy our families will have to live with, affecting all Americans but especially those on the gulf coast, for the next few thousand years.

This is not for the faint of heart.