I’ve thought long and hard about this topic. This was a tough one to present. I want to caveat my statements by saying I’m not Muslim, nor am I a Christian, a Jew, a Hindu, whatever. I don’t do the organized religion. I defend freedom of religion, religion that treats others with respect and kindness – Islam does, it’s radical Islam that doesn’t. Let me break it down real fast before I get into this:

Radical Islam : IslamĀ  <——- as ——-> Westboro Baptist Church : Christianity

This hate against Islam and Muslims has to stop. Russell Peters once said it best when he mentioned in an act “All you see when you watch the news are the rednecks of the Muslim world.” (Forgiveness to my friends calling themselves rednecks – so you know, in the global populace, that term is considered derogatory unlike some parts of the United States) It’s so very, very true. We have a very disturbing trend of absolutely terrible and random hate against Muslim groups. Just this morning I happened to come across this little gem. Shit like that just sends me into a rage (summation: guy busts into a mosque, yells anti-muslim slurs, then pisses outside their place) because it gives the insurgents, a vocal minority (sounds like the tea party), even more power and some credence to their claims. Why do you idiots insist on doing that?

Look, the war of ideology is a subtle one, and one that requires a sublime level of patience. Simply put, most people are not willing to even try to think rationally, since they believe Fox news is the end all be all. Yeah, don’t get me even started on how fucking TERRIBLE Fox news is. It’s a detriment to the knowledge and function of this country, and I can’t really stand it. I’m all for freedom of speech and freedom of the press, but where is the line drawn on just how much they can make up or infer until it crosses into blatant lies? Fox already had a lawsuit brought up against them which they bludgeoned to death by throwing lawyers at it (read about that here).

By showing the ignorance and hate here, it lends credence towards those people that seek to incite violence. The Taliban and Al qaeda are all about control, and when you give them something that is so easy to twist, it furthers their control. It gives them fuel from an incorrect source which they can use to twist the mind of young Muslims everywhere. Rage begets rage, especially when one does not consider the ramifications of the information that they hold. It’s a vicious cycle that only we can break.

Yet people don’t seem to want to. Remember Israel and Palestine? Are we sure that we want this ignorance and greed to lead us down their road, one of continued retribution for real or perceived attacks in any form? Lex Talionis is not the way to co-exist in a complex world. Just look at Saudi Arabia.

I’d just like to see some real tolerance here in America, which is what we were built on. The founding fathers of this great country weren’t a homogeneous breed – they were of all different walks of life, especially their religion. Their debates were loud and vocal, and saying this country should be governed by religious principles based on the Bible on one hand, while decrying any sort of religious regulations that Muslims may have for themselves (and that they don’t actively press here!) is the biggest case of hypocrisy I have seen in a long fucking time. Speaking of that, it gets me so annoyed hearing statements as “the Constitution has been amended so many times no one knows what it says” (from freerepublic.net comments), which is more worrisome since apparently that person can’t count to 27. Browsing that site is just horrifying, seeing things such as “Ramadan is a sham, Americans skip lunch everyday!” or statements such as “Beck is preaching spiritual and religious renewal while promoting and teaching our Founding documents.” in relation to Glenn Beck, the absolute worst thing for this country since asbestos.

I’m really fucking frustrated. I just want everyone to be happy, and live their life, instead of trying to run and ruin the lives of others. Communism should be a stark example: when you try to run the lives of others, and you yourself are corrupt and do not look at things intellectually, you will fail and collapse. This conservative intolerance will not stand – as the population that holds dear to it ages more and more (the median age for Fox was 58.3 in 2004, while it went up to 65 in 2009), there will be a lessening of the hate, I hope. As the younger, more tolerant population comes to power (like, you know, our current President, who not only cares about us at the forefront, but the world as a whole) this intolerant, me-first population will begin to fade into the background.

And this is what we need. America for tolerance and harmony among all. The closest we will ever get to a Utopia. A realization that after all, we are all the same human beings.

“There’s one rule that lies at the heart of every religion; that we do unto others as we would have them do unto us.” – President Barack Obama.

“Fear – divide. Hatred – divide. Anger – divide.” – The Dalai Lama

Stop the hate. The compassion starts with the individual.