I’m so tired of hearing about Tiger Woods or Michael Vick. I really don’t give a shit what they did when there is more important stuff going on in the world. What about North Korea or the problems inside of Iran? Just look at the top underreported stories for 2010 and you can be as fucking annoyed as I am: the status of Iraq, Jihadists taking Somalia and mass rapes in the Congo. The American media always wants to report so much more on the showbiz than it does the real news that does come to affect us.

So, make sure you request things outside your bubble. Don’t be happy with the news that focuses only internally. The world is a big place now, and with a global connection, not to mention a global economy, we have to think outside of our zone. Remember the lessons of World War II, where isolation led to a catastrophe that we luckily could overcome. Let’s not let the mistakes of the past dictate our moves for the future – be bold, be strong, and do not be afraid of change, because change and movement are what cause us to progress not only on the evolutionary scale, but also in life.

I sometimes wish that I had gone into journalism. Actually, I still kind of do. Perhaps once I get settled at my new place I can start a larger blog or an online news reporting site myself. A sort of non-profit thing that filters through the different organizations and tailors reports towards global effects, and avoids the bullshit that comes from showbusiness. Who knows, maybe I can even rope some friends in to helping with it and make a decent site. We shall see in due time how my motivation goes!

Have a completely awesome picture of a print hanging over my desk.