New Years celebrations just stick that whole idea of firecrackers in your head for a while after. I’ve been reading some of Hawking’s work lately simply because I am enamored with physics. Hell, I might go back and get another graduate degree, this time in something like physics, but we will see. Anyways, reading last night I had a fundamental conclusion: The concept of the Big Bang or Bubble Universe in no way precludes the existence of a God. Seriously, why are people so dumb as to fight this? It makes a shitload more sense than Biblical creationism. It fits with the concept of evolution which is imminently testable and more than proven, and it completely obliterates the absolutely idiotic concept of Young Earth Creationism. I came up with a more philosophical theory, untestable and therefore not scientific due to the fact it really crosses the Planck Wall, ie, we need to look beyond the 10^-43 second mark of the big bang. Note this idea also works in terms of bubble theory.

First, a few assumptions:
1) “God” refers to the Supreme Being in question, who is omniscient and all powerful, and can exist outside of normal space/time if he desires. “He” is used simply as a convenience.
2) Time and Space did not exist prior to the Big Bang “event”.

As theories break down as you approach that Planck Wall, there is really no way to prove anything. However, if we consider that the starting universal mass had to come from somewhere, and that there is a point where the four fundamental forces were combined, then we still come to a starting point. Having this starting point scientifically driven in no way precludes the concept of a divine being, and in fact reinforces it. Throughout theology it has been stated that “God” has given us a free will. Consider then that he moved together the elements of a Big Bang, and then gave them their own free will. Not implying sentience – or perhaps the universe *is* a kind of all-encompassing growth of experiences, knowledge, and information aka an Akashic Field. At this point, the explosion/expansion occurred, the four forces split out, and the universe began to develop, with the “God” letting it proceed as per his design of free will. As he can exist outside of space/time, which came into being the instant the big bang occurred, it is entirely possible that both of these happened.

In reality, it isn’t much of a theory as a thought exercise and a conjoining of competing theories. It means that Creationism and young earth creationism are absolutely destroyed (as they should be as they are stupid ideas that make no sense and can be scientifically disproven with your own eyes). However, they do show that there could be a Supreme Being out there, a “God” if you were, watching the proceedings, and doing whatever unknowable things he does. Any sort of proof of this would have to come from before that Planck Wall – to see if the items were moved together, willed into existence, or what. In reality, willing them into existence is a form of creationism in itself – that is, he created the initial constituents that eventually became the Big Bang AND evolution. Wouldn’t that be amazing if arguing over creationism and evolution was a moot point because BOTH of them were correct – just not in the exact same way?

I also feel that this possibility lends more credence to the existence of other dimensions or universes. Whether or not we can directly perceive them is outside of the realm of this idea. However, if one was made to happen, then there is no reason to believe that we are necessarily alone. In addition, it means that there is truly the possibility of other life forms out there in space somewhere, since it means that the development of life on earth was not some DIRECT divine spark, but a possible helping hand 14ish billion years ago.

In short, the purely scientific theory of the Big Bang does not preclude the existence of a Supreme Being, nor does the idea of creation in the long, long past preclude the idea of a Big Bang theory or Bubble theory. In reality, it doesn’t preclude ANY of the “hot” theories.

Edit: I want to caveat this by saying this is by no means a wholly new idea. It’s been postulated for a long time by physicists that this could be a mark of the divine in the creation of the known universe. Even Pope Pius XII declared that science tends to open the doors for religion. Stephen Hawking has made thought experiments about this idea. It’s very rare for pure science to tread into the doorway of religion, but it really should consider the implications more. Much like we moved from 2-dimensionally traveling beings to the third dimension of air travel, humanity should always seek to cross boundaries towards a more unified goal of understanding.