There’s a fantastic thread on SA in the E/N forums that has some good advice for EVERYONE. It can definitely make your life and outlook a lot better. Here’s the steps:

1. Stand up straight. Shoulders relaxed and back, head facing the world.
2. Smile more often. It doesn’t even have to be a full-out smile. Just think about smiling and learn to smile with your eyes, or as Tyra Banks calls it “smeyes” or however you spell it.

It’s because parents are afraid to even let little Timmy have a sniffle.
You see, these days, kids don’t get exposed to the mild toxins and germs that we did growing up. Hell, I remember playing barefoot in puddles in Ft. Lauderdale. Would that happen these days? Hardly, because the parents would be afraid of the kids getting a cold. So now, we have kids bringing hand sanitizers in to school. TO SCHOOL! Because of this H1N1 scare, parents are now expecting their kids to obsessively wash their hands. Look, I’m for some prevention, but the sniffles and the little irritation kids get at school are what save them later in life and help to keep them healthy. By sticking them in this sterile, air conditioned environment, kids are never going to get the immunities that they need later in life.

Let the kids grow, people.


Made me come in to work late today. Hell, if my boss didn’t make it sound like the world is falling I probably wouldn’t have come in at all. But the problem is – pretty bad headache. What is a headache, though? I know that it has something to do with blood flow and blood vessels and some crap about your brain, so let’s see….

The International Classification of Headache Disorders (ICHD) is an in-depth hierarchical classification of headaches published by the International Headache Society. It contains explicit (operational) diagnostic criteria for headache disorders. The first version of the classification, ICHD-1, was published in 1988. The current revision, ICHD-2, was published in 2004.

-From wikipedia headache entry.

Wait, seriously? Apparently there are a shitload of headache types, so many that there is actually a classification system for them. I mean, a really BIG classification system for them. I guess that is why they always want you to get them checked out when you have a really mean headache, since it can be the sign of something else. The brain itself has no nerves, but the blood vessels and tissues around it do, which is why it can seem to hurt right at the head.

During a given year, 90% of people suffer with headaches. Of the ones who are seen in the ER, only about 1% have a serious underlying problem.

Well that’s good to know. At least someone else is sharing this minor irritation for the day. For a brief description of the types of headaches and the classification of the NIH, click on Elisha below. She can make any headache better.

Elisha the headache curer