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Yeah, same shit toddling around. People are more concerned about Tiger Woods and his penis than they are with the madness that continues in the Middle East. On the bright side, Iran is in the middle of a damn near revolution, so at least they are occupied and can’t get too feisty. North Korea is quiet, which is a good thing. Iraq is a shithole still, and the government has it’s head lodged so far up it’s ass that it will require a bucket of lube, 6 trucks, and a midget wrestler to extricate themselves.

Well before I bitch about a few stories, head on over to The Existential Mix Archive and grab the latest existential mix by Shutterspeed. Yours truly does the voice intros for them, and 2400 Baud really has pulled some good talent together for Radio None. I’m glad to be a part of it.

Obama says intel screwed up – humorously enough, the CNN title says “Obama says intel system screwed up”. That’s a Fox news style headling, since it seems to say that intelligence is fucked, but it just meant in this situation. Frankly, they need to lay this on the doorstep of the CIA, since they kept the cold war mentality of keeping the info to themselves. However, it’s also possible they did not find it credible, although political spin damage control would never admit that possibility.

Yemen is working with us – in reality, they have been for a while. They go on this sine-wave style cycle of working with us apparently, and it seems to be based on the aid we provide. As long as we consider seeing them a problem, and the government works with us, I would imagine they will keep letting us work there and help us. I’m not really sure, but Yemen is beginning to emerge more and more as a breeding ground for extremism. We are going to have to wait and see on this one, as far as I can tell.

Fareed Zakarai is a very smart man – and I agree completely with him. The TSA seems so politicized now, as a lot of their security measures are so stupid and over the top. Soon, we will be required to strip since they will sew explosives into the lining of shirts and pants, in an extension of the underpants bomber. What then? Full body scanners won’t see small concentrations of that.

Ah fuck it. Here, have something awesome:


So this morning as I was getting ready for work, CNN had a little piece done about militias in the United States, and any possible chance they might develop into Domestic Terror organizations. It was pretty interesting, but there were a few things that I noticed that were downright silly:

1) They show this fat, overweight guy rolling into the bushes doing….hell I don’t know what that was supposed to be.

2) Target acquisition? Seriously? You are teaching them how to…see a target and shoot it? Now don’t get me wrong, that’s a real thing, but they were just lined up shooting at plates.

3) It was refreshing to see the hodgepodge of different weapons, from bolt action rifles to simple AR’s.

4) Here’s the kicker: They did not know what rights, if any, the government was taking away short of the second amendment. Even though they were “worried about the constitution”, gun control was the only issue they knew of – although there has been no move by the administration for quite a while on this.

Anyways, that was humorous. You can watch the piece by clicking here. Oh, and of special note is that they have drawn the interest of The Southern Poverty Law Center , who despite having a somewhat strange name, is a group dedicated to fighting hate…er, groups. They have done quite well against many white-supremacist groups such as the Aryan Brotherhood, so I’m interested to see the direction they will take.

Now for some news stories of interest:
“Karzai 12” rules hinder efforts against the Taliban – Imagine police officers going on patrol, only to be stymied by the fact their “observer” was not there. This is one of the many problems our forces are facing there. It makes me want to recant my prior position on how to fix Afghanistan, to go from helping them to making those dumbasses do it on their own. Only problem is, Taliban will come back in because Karzai is a weak-ass leader. We shall see, but I don’t like putting our troops in even more danger when we are trying to help THEM.

Illinois the new Gitmo? – It may be closer than you think. Despite the fact the reason for Gitmo was that it was NOT on US soil, somehow the conclusion has been made that tossing it in Illinois is a good idea. Here’s what I find funny – this top-of-the-line, state of the art prison system is currently unoccupied. We have overcrowding everywhere – and this place isn’t used? I guess I’m missing something, but boy does that seem dumb. Anyways, will be interesting to watch the partisan politics in full-force on this one.

US asks for more from Pakistan. Rightfully so. However, Pakistan has greatly ramped up their efforts to fight the Taliban, much to their credit. It would be good to see them hold the line on the NW/N more though, and try to dig in against Taliban incursions. I am still very nervous that insurgents pushed to within 60 miles of Islamabad, and I don’t want to see that again.

This is not new. This shit has been going on since the early 80’s (or earlier!). The Taliban loves to attack and kill Pakistani officials that don’t kowtow to their every stupid fucking whim. I hope this keeps ramping up people against them more and more, and maybe the Punjab region will stop having people side with the Taliban as they see this.

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