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It’s not often that random inspiration strikes of the type that makes you want to write immediately, especially in a public place like a plane. However, sometimes you feel the notion just has to be put down on paper lest you forget it. Notwithstanding the innumerable errors that are likely to occur from typing on an iPad, the message will be recorded anyhow, somewhat like a DNA strand with extraneous strings, somewhat like the human condition.

Back in my undergraduate days, (more…)

New Years celebrations just stick that whole idea of firecrackers in your head for a while after. I’ve been reading some of Hawking’s work lately simply because I am enamored with physics. Hell, I might go back and get another graduate degree, this time in something like physics, but we will see. Anyways, reading last night I had a fundamental conclusion: The concept of the Big Bang or Bubble Universe in no way precludes the existence of a God. Seriously, why are people so dumb as to fight this? It makes a shitload more sense than Biblical creationism. It fits with the concept of evolution which is imminently testable and more than proven, and it completely obliterates the absolutely idiotic concept of Young Earth Creationism. I came up with a more philosophical theory, (more…)

I just don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s because I’m a product of the cold war era. Maybe because I got to see it in it’s decline, and to see it finally die. Maybe because it gave me such great things as the James Bond series or great post-apocalyptic games. Now, hear me out – it’s not because I want to see society collapse, no, not at all. In fact, I am very much against that, trying to work for the Federal Government to preserve it, having done military time, etc. However, there is something about the exploration that comes with a post-apocalyptic world that ignites a rather childish delight inside of me. Why is it that crawling over (more…)

I’m so tired of hearing about Tiger Woods or Michael Vick. I really don’t give a shit what they did when there is more important stuff going on in the world. What about North Korea or the problems inside of Iran? Just look at the top underreported stories for 2010 and you can be as fucking annoyed as I am: the status of Iraq, Jihadists taking Somalia and mass rapes in the Congo. The American media always wants to report (more…)

In case you didn’t realize, November is National Novel Writing Month! Basically, you have the first to the 30th to write a 50,000 word novel. No more than that, and it’s a fantastic exercise in your creative writing. Write something, turn it in, see how it goes! Hell, you may even win something. I’m considering writing something too, sorta a humorous spy novel of sorts that’s been tossing around for a long time.

In other news, let’s clear up a few things, especially related to the O’Donnell and Coons debate. I’m not from Delaware nor am I voting there, but I really think we need to put a stop to (more…)

I don’t even know exactly what that means but it sure as shit sounds cool. I find myself watching paranormal shows and laughing at how…showy, they are. But then again, as Idiocracy predicted, the masses require some pretty showy stuff to keep their attention. I think perhaps someday I will start my own group for these investigations. Hell, I have enough time that I can spend reading, maybe that will become a new hobby as I research this. I already have a list of “outside” Biblical works that I want to read, so I might as well add some solid paranormal books to the mix, (more…)

I’ve thought long and hard about this topic. This was a tough one to present. I want to caveat my statements by saying I’m not Muslim, nor am I a Christian, a Jew, a Hindu, whatever. I don’t do the organized religion. I defend freedom of religion, religion that treats others with respect and kindness – Islam does, it’s radical Islam that doesn’t. Let me break it down real fast before I get into this:

Radical Islam : IslamĀ  <——- as ——-> Westboro Baptist Church : Christianity

There’s a fantastic thread on SA in the E/N forums that has some good advice for EVERYONE. It can definitely make your life and outlook a lot better. Here’s the steps:

1. Stand up straight. Shoulders relaxed and back, head facing the world.
2. Smile more often. It doesn’t even have to be a full-out smile. Just think about smiling and learn to smile with your eyes, or as Tyra Banks calls it “smeyes” or however you spell it.

I haven’t been able to shake this feeling that I’m missing something lately. On top of that, I can’t stop thinking about the Midwest, and now have this disturbing desire to move there. “WTF” is only mildly appropriate, since I am like joined at the hip with the ocean.

So I’ve been so out of sorts lately – I see shit like the oil disaster, then I see retards like those morons on the Sea Shepherd spending all this cash to stop whaling, without doing a fucking thing about the destruction of the earth. These idiots have their priorities all fucked up. We really need to push for a greater understanding of the ecology. Let’s put an American Indian in office or something.

So much shit piling up. Disaster after disaster, with Iran and North Korea rattling nuclear sabers and generally acting like irresponsible little twats. It’s disconcerting, and this feeling that something bad is about to happen in the world just won’t go away, it gets stronger and stronger.

Maybe I’m actually Mayan or something.

Some people try to downplay it. Some people don’t even really know what’s going on. A friend of mine said “BP stock will continue to fall until the next little blonde is kidnapped or a senator is in a sex scandal”. I think she was true, unfortunately. I can’t shake the malaise that I see every damn time I catch a glimpse of the oil spilling out, which, unfortunately, is every morning when I check out the ROV feeds from “BP is evil”. It’s seriously like something out of a crazy heaven and hell style movie. Watching the oil along with the toxic corexit spraying everywhere makes me wonder if this is a picture of what hell looks like directly.

It just frightens me on some cellular level. I mean, the amount of oil coming from this wellhead is very fucking significant. Look at it! This isn’t some damn trickle, and all this has to go somewhere. Where is it going to go? Every damn nook and cranny in the gulf and beyond, and here we have BP still doing everything it can to up its profit margins.

Ladies and gentlemen – this is our new hell, and this is the legacy our families will have to live with, affecting all Americans but especially those on the gulf coast, for the next few thousand years.

This is not for the faint of heart.

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