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So I had this strange dream last night. I don’t remember all of it, but the weirdest was the end. I was some sort of detective in the future. Yuliya was with me as we went to check out a murder. The chief of police was with us, and she was a small black woman. We went in the crime scene, turning right at the end of this apartment block, with music blaring from the door to the left. Walking in, the bathroom on the left had a male body lying on the floor, of who I recognized him. Straight was I guess a living room that had stacks and stacks of supplies, and to the right was a small closet. I checked the body, and remember mumbling something about Petey and we tried to hard to save you, and some other stuff. Apparently he had 4 small holes in the back of his head. The chief left as we looked around. When I went to the front and examined the door, the body was gone when I came back and the chief was standing there, in a nightgown.

Now it gets weird. I realized that the “corpse” was the chief now, so I grabbed it’s hands. It morphed into a small blonde girl that asked “what took you so long”. I don’t remember exactly what was said, but apparently he had gained powers and took on this form, faked his own death, and was going to kill us to keep the secret safe. His right hand could manipulate time and space, and his left could pulse with light and sound that could melt humans. I said “Petey, after all we did to save you?” and he said “You’re right – keep my secret safe”. Pushed me away, said “bye!” stepped around the corner, and disappeared with a flash of light, I guess from bending space.

So strange.

Detroit is becoming the next thunderdome wasteland. Ok, so I’m exaggerating. A bit. A little. Somewhat. However, Chris Hansen (yeah I think it’s the same to catch a predator dude) went there to do some reports and took some aerial shots – and he called it a Sarajevo. Little side note is that Sarajevo is amazing now and has recovered better than anyone would believe. (Quick comparison here.)

From the article originally linked at Something Awful:

“Today, from the air, parts of Detroit look like a war zone,” Hansen said in a voiceover near the beginning of the special, before he listed some of the most shocking facts about the city’s current state—the population is less than half of what it was decades ago; there are 400 liquor stores there, but only eight supermarkets—all while panning shots of the consequences of its deterioration flashed on the screen.


Lotsa crazy shit going on at work, and I absolutely have to come in this weekend to fix it. The shitty part is that this means my reserve duty has to be recheduled, and that always makes me feel like a shitbag. Oh well, we do what we have to.

Just bought a new upper for my AR today. I snagged a Spike’s tactical Mid length which you can see by clicking here. Thanks to my buddy Brett for pointing it out, and if you use the coupon code “MIDLEUP” you will get 50$ off that. What a steal. I canceled my rock river order because those fucking assholes kept pushing it back – first it was up to 30 days, then 30-60, and then 60-90. Yeah, I’ll take my business elsewhere, thanks.

In other news, I am considered a trip to Russia sometime this summer. I really want to visit that country – as a child of the Cold War, I have always had an incredible fascination with it. I’m also learning the language, so it would be good. I’ll probably only go if Yuliya can come with me, but who knows how things will be then. I’m not a fatalist, but I prefer to plan for the worst.

Speaking of Russia, I have been on this nuclear disaster kick. First off, there is this awesome pictoral of Chernobyl and Pripyat, and a visit in 2010. Check it out over here. I was also reading wikipedia about Lake Karachay and the Mayak area of Russia, where a category 6 disaster occurred. Can you believe that they have concreted over the whole damn lake because of all the dumping that occurred there? That just blows my mind. What also gets me is the fact Russia still has closed towns! Places that foreigners and even members of their own country just are not allowed to visit. I MUST SEE THESE PLACES. I’m like the epitome of the human race – curiosity and a thirst to discover that which is unknown.

Anyways, I think I’ll follow this post up with a rant about the politics in the United States now. See? See conservatives? I just mention you peripherally and my blood already starts to boil. That and the tea party, you guys are idiots. Taxes the lowest they have been in 50 years and you retards still claim they are too high. Do you really stand behind people that thing the IRS and taxes should be abolished? Don’t you know that shit is necessary? Morons.

Three livejournal-esque descriptions of how I’m feeling today. The weather being all rainy and depressing doesn’t help. Let’s just look at it: I’m a product of the cold war, and a cold war child myself. Spy movies and political tension excites me, although in some ways it also scares the willies out of me. Sometimes I just want to withdraw from society and prepare for the upcoming zombie apocalypse/nuclear war/biological plague/chemical attack/whatever that is/may be coming. On that note, I spent part of the morning browsing pie in the sky type property that I would buy in a heartbeat if I somehow had the money. All of these are old converted bunkers of some sort.

First off, this Adirondack Atlas F Missile Silo is just utterly fucking amazing. At 2.3 million it looks like a steal to me, especially since it has been renovated and includes it’s own FAA approved runway. I am in love with this place. Too bad I doubt I will ever be able to purchase something like this staying in the federal system!

Second, there is this Titan 1 bunker near Denver. It’s a lot more expensive, but much bigger and could be shared with some friends. This would actually be an awesome timeshare type deal, now that I think about it. There is a lot of renovation to do here considering it looks as if it has not been touched since it was abandoned.

Old nuke comm station in Ocilla, Georgia. At 295K$, this is a lot more affordable. Holy crap I can actually drive up there, it isn’t far from here at all. Maybe I’ll go check it out if possible! 6400 square feet and a 3 ton lift with a 2 car garage. Christ, this one is actually possible.

I wonder what the financing on a beast like that would be like, or how you could turn that into some sorta moneymaker! Anyways, dreams aside, I really am growing more and more out of sorts every day. Sometimes you wonder if you are just wandering through a dream.

We slip back more and more each day towards the dark ages. Why do I say that? Because it was a time when faith and belief ruled the world, and logic and science took a back seat to whatever crap was coming from the religious leaders at the time. We have Texas leading the charge towards inequality and religious elitism, with North Carolina not far behind. How so, might you ask – well, check the links below.

Texas conservatives ok school textbook change. This is absolutely horrifying considering Texas, due to it’s size and population, controls many of the textbooks in the country since the companies cater to them. Basically, their group that controls textbook reviews decided that there should not be any discussion of separation of church and state, to leave out historical leaders like Thomas Jefferson (since he coined separation of church and state) and excluding non-white historical figures, including the latinos that are so prevalent in Texas. Seriously, are they trying to make our children even more retarded then they already are? I don’t quite understand why they feel the need to cultivate this level of ignorance, but it is extremely frightening. In essence, Texas is rewriting history in their own terms, which are that of Christian, white males.

North Carolina fucking agrees! Basically, a teacher refused to lead the class discussion away from the textbook. Some of the kids wanted to go on a tangent about creationism and she refused. They began to harass her, placing bibles on her desk and putting cards that said “Merry Christmas” with the “christ” underlined. If you look at the FBI definition of hate crimes, this actually falls under that category. They began wearing religious shirts to class, sang christian songs in class and refused to do her work, and read the bible. She posted comments about what happened on her facebook profile (comments are here) and they are exceptionally tame. She handled these things extremely well – yet she has been sacked by the school board of North Carolina.

I am so very pissed off at this I plan to drop an email to the school in question letting them know that I don’t fight so I can see people religiously oppressed like this. For fucks sake, this is the shit we are fighting AGAINST in the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

Man. What the fuck.

Such a good song. I prefer the Dune cover to the Queen version, actually. As I was walking in this morning, although it was fucking freezing, the sun shining made me think about this song a bit. At first glance, it might sound a bit morbid, or almost as if the person was giving up or despondent.

However, I have a different tack. I think that when the song was created, people were afraid of experiencing the world and all that life has to offer. It was a commentary along the lines of “oh hey why not experience things?” instead of being afraid of every little shadow that flitted across your path.

I guess it would be nice to live forever, but if you did hardly anything, over the time of living forever that’s gonna average out to a big fat zero. I say that as I sit here in this office ready to scream.

So we’ve got a serious problem brewing out there in the Pacific. Yeah, in the ” north pacific gyre” there is a bunch of concentrated plastic strewing. I found this when a friend linked me to this video here. is pretty damn awesome, by the way. Anyways, this chronicles three reporters as they go out on this scientist’s boat to see the plastic collecting in the gyre. It’s basically a big circular stream, so stuff gets caught in a circle, concentrated and stashed there. It’s pretty damn horrifying – watch the video linked.

Now here’s my conundrum: it’s coming down more and more to society versus ecology. I say this because keeping society running now requires a lot of the same shit that is polluting so bad. On the other hand, you have the severe ecologists who try to live with a zero footprint, which is frankly almost impossible in this day and age. Where can we find the compromise? We can try to shift society towards a greener lifestyle, but people are too complacent and selfish. There’s too much of a desire for hedonism and luxury, and so many people these days don’t even know the amazing high you get just from EXERCISING. It’s absolutely absurd. We can see the world slowly dying around us (yet people are still saying global warming as a consequence of this fucking pollution doesn’t exist – pull your head out of your ass please) but we would rather sit in our opulent lifestyle.

Sadly, I’m one of those. I have no idea how to fix this. It concerns me. I can’t withdraw from society and live green, because I’m a type that fights to keep society together and running safe. That’s how I roll. We need to be more concerned about this, more conscious. How do we save the world from ourselves, from our arrogance, from our hedonism (which isn’t totally bad, really), from our selfishness?

Sometimes when you are brooding, you can come up with some seriously weird shit…that actually makes sense. This one involves paranormal activity and their interaction with the world. It’s called the title.

First, a few assumptions:
1) The law of conservation of energy holds true in our universe – “There is a state function E, called ‘energy’, whose differential equals the work exchanged with the surroundings during an adiabatic process.” – Rudolf Clausius, 1850, First Law of Thermodynamics
2) Consequently, our universe is a closed system. Ignore the possibility of size expansion due to bubble theory, this has no impact.

The issue here has to relate to paranormal activity. When a paranormal entity, such as a poltergeist throwing a cup around or moving a chair, or even a ghost showing up on a picture, or someone seeing a flash of light, is observed, there is an exchange of energy. The light striking the entity causes a change in the wavelength of the light and the absorption of some – a transfer of energy. Likewise, in the case of a poltergeist, something is causing a change in momentum and a gain of kinetic energy in the object.

Here’s the thing to consider: where does this energy come from? If it is coming from within our closed system, then this means that these paranormal entities function within the laws of our physical universe, and should be completely measurable by scientific methods. These EMF readers and changes in temperature are probably correct in this case and are reliably detecting entities. In fact, if this is the case, then it means that we can probably come up with methods that work pretty well across the board.

On the other hand, we have the difficult consideration that their energy is coming from somewhere else. This means that these paranormal entities are:
1) Drawing their energy from somewhere else outside of our closed system, bridging two closed systems perhaps
2) Creating the energy themselves, lying outside of the realm of (our) physics

That has some interesting implications. It could mean that there are more dimensions that somehow these entities can cross. String theory and other crazy physics tell us that certain models definitely show the capability of other dimensions existing.

Here’s a thought exercise to consider this by. A paranormal entity pushes a chair across the floor of a person’s kitchen. In doing so, there is velocity and acceleration imparted to the chair. The entity pushing this has to gain the motive force to push the chair from somewhere, right? If the entity pulled energy from our world (we aren’t speculating where, how, or how it was converted) then there should be some measurable change that is most likely consistent with other activities like this. Of course, it could be different based on the area. In this case, it is possible that areas of cold are the entity leeching heat from the air as an energy source. Not purposefully, probably, but because they too are constrained by the laws of physics. If, on the other hand, it is pulling energy from somewhere outside our closed system to cause this move, what effect does this have on our closed system as energy is being introduced to it with no corresponding reduction anywhere else?

More importantly – what does that mean about the conservation of energy? That it can be violated in our universe and not cause any problems?

As to why it’s called the inconsistency, I used that term because as of right now, the methods and interactions of current entities are not consistent with any identifiable methods, nor can their interactions be completely quantified within standard physics.

…cause I don’t remember.

Anyways, this place is depressing. I’m sure that some people love the south and the countryside and riding horses and buggies and shit, but seriously. I’m still sitting here waiting on my SA recruiter to call me back and tell me when to take the rest of the tests I need. I can only call her so many times, and I really don’t want to piss her off. I know she has a lot on her plate, so I can sorta understand it, but a nice little “Incoming in X time period!” would work fine. So aggravating.

What a melancholy fucking morning. You know, this job would be pretty damn intolerable if my co-workers weren’t so hilariously awesome. It pays well and isn’t super difficult, but is unchallenging and interminably boring at most of the time. Not to mention banal sometimes.

Oh well, off to the grind.

I appreciate that you really love your sports. But please stop telling me to “Roll Tide” because half of the time I think you are telling me I need to change my laundry detergent. I really don’t care about what college team is playing who and where and for why. Sports bores the hell outta me unless I’m playing it.

Now, on to other issues since we got that out of the way and I alienated 7/8 of my friends in Georgia. As for the news, there really isn’t much outside of the usual stuff. We’ve got Ford cars to read twitter, some more terrorism shit, and the TSA being dumb again. Find them yourself if you want info, they really aren’t worth the effort.

I am interested in the thoughts people have about the role of higher education in the radicalization process of terrorist suspects overseas. Do you think higher education contributes to, or retards the effect of radical influences. Take into consideration the cultural aspects one might feel the influence of while they are in school.

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