Long story: No. Short story: No. You would have to be delusional to think that the intelligence community did not see this coming. In fact, Iran mentioned this because they found out that we already knew they had a second plant that was not for power generation. Now the question is, what will the impotent UN do about this situation? The site is clearly for bomb making material – housing only 3,000 centrifuges, that really isn’t enough for a power reactor but more than enough for a bomb. And yet they want to give us more information at a later period of time? Man, you better hope Israel doesn’t get uppity and turn your country into a cloud of smoke.

Obama talks about Iran. The curious fact is that France was included in this. Typically, they would not be so concerned, but something has tipped them off, and that in and of itself is quite curious to me.

That’s all I’m really concerned about. We got some crap with Mugabe being silly as normal and talking about sanctions, and Obama prodding Israel and Palestine to start chatting again (lol), but other than that, we need to keep a close eye on the developing situation with Iran. This is the real deal folks, only second to problems in Afghanistan right now. The difference is, this still falls within the realm of problems solvable with diplomacy, while Afghanistan is largely a lost cause.

Hey Iran. The world is watching you. You’re insane if you think you can pull the wool over our eyes.


It’s pretty humid out, but I was feeling good until I read the news. Now let me clarify a little bit: I’m a very relaxed and laid back person. Stuff rarely bothers me, and what most people see as stress I just see as an interesting challenge. However, I read a story this morning that has me seeing fucking red.

Abuse of women in Afghanistan. What the fuck is wrong with this picture? The woman can’t have a child, is raped, nearly killed in a graveyard. Here’s the kicker: BY HER HUSBAND, and this is not uncommon in Afghanistan. You see, injustices that happen to women are blamed on them by society. Her parents don’t give a shit, and when her sister, who was married off at 11, died (by being burned to death) by her husband, the parents ignored it. Now, she has fled for her life and is in hiding, and their society says it is her fault that she is a victim. The Taliban is even worse, and proclaims that this is the way things should be. We can sit over here and complain about the stupid bullshit we might face, but think about those in other countries like this poor woman. We can’t idly sit by and let shit like this go down, it’s just irresponsible and ignorant.

HIV vaccine possible. Well it’s about time. Here’s to hoping that the drug companies don’t want an arm and a leg for this and it goes on a national level. I’m also hoping this gets passed out to other countries on a grand scheme, especially those that can’t afford it for themselves. Here’s to hoping HIV and AIDS go the way of smallpox, soon. Note the current vaccine only seems to have a 31% effectiveness – which is 31% better than they thought possible. This means that a vaccination against it IS possible with a bit more work, so it will take a while before it’s completed.

Ghadafi has some good and bad points. Let’s face it – the UN needs some work. It really does have some issues, especially along the lines of who funds it. He made some good points and even more bad points at his speech, but it all wasn’t rotten tomatoes. It was an interesting read, and can help define a lot of his mindset and that of his country. They aren’t really a threat anymore, but still, we need to keep a handle on how things are running there if we want a truly global economy.

Ah yes, Israel. We still coddle them too much. I mean, for fuck’s sake, we have to escort them anytime they are even close to sensitive material, since they will spy on their so-called closest allies at the slightest hesitation. Israel has a very big “everyone against us” mentality, and until they let that go some, people are still going to look at them askew. Now they say that they have not stopped considering anything, but I tell you – if they are to strike Iran, this is going to blow that whole region up into a conflict that could spread to something worse that I don’t really want to think about.

Yeah I’m still pissed off at that first story.

Had a great dinner with Liz last night, and she gave me a bunch of leftovers. Guess who is having a fantastic dinner of Pad thai, Satay chicken, and hummus? DAMN she makes good hummus, I have to fight off coworkers to have it. Can’t wait to see her again!

On to the world news. Frankly, my concern right now is shifting from the direct threat in Afghanistan to the subtle threat that is Russia. I somehow feel like we are backsliding into a new type of cold war. Just like then, the implicit threats are growing bigger and bigger. They rank ridiculously high on the bad economy scale (after Mexico!) and high on the corruption index (After Syria and Bangladesh). This is pretty disturbing considering the ultra-nationalistic rhetoric coming out of there lately. I think this is something we need to diplomatically nip in the bud, because otherwise they are going to keep requesting concessions of some sort, and keep trying to make us look like the bad guy.

Still out of touch with reality. The Supreme Leader of Iran is pissed off at our defense plans. He really believes that we have made up all this shit about their nuclear ambitions. Correction, he is PRETENDING to believe it, as if he has no clue what their method of madness towards nuclear weapons is. Hint: Many many people know how your government work and where the lines of control are. You aren’t really fooling us, buddy. This is dangerous, and if we back down now we are setting a really nasty precedent for nuclear weapons development. Thankfully, I trust our President enough that he won’t back down.

Our President is awesome. I’m a bit biased, I guess. I find it interesting that even with all this healthcare bullshit, his approval is still pretty good. Could it be, perhaps, because people realize just how much he wants to help the country, and his people? For the first time in two terms, we have a President that cares more about the people in the country than the face of the country as a whole.

Drug staging area in West Africa All I have to say really is: what took you so fucking long? I’m surprised it took them this long to expand into a volatile area like this. There’s two things – it’s going to stabilize the area some through sheer violence, but also provide a good staging ground to hop into Southern Europe. Good yet worse.

MIT students launch a balloon to near-space. These kids are awesome. I wish I had this sorta brains when I was growing up. They get a balloon to near-space and take some ridiculously good pictures. I hope that NASA picks these two up, because we need brains like that. Oh, did I mention that they did this all for about 148$? Damn.


You go, Jimmy! I’m glad someone just had the balls to come out and say exactly how I feel: that this opposition in the south largely stems from the fact that Obama is black. It’s so damn transparent – half of the arguments are so vapid and idiotic. I’m glad that he called out Wilson for his statement. He is completely correct – even if we don’t agree with the President, he still deserves respect.

Fear of a South American arms race. Continuing on yesterday’s report of Russia crediting Venezuela with money for arms, there is now fear this could spark an arms race in South America. In addition, there is the chance that venezuela could get some nuke info from Iran, which is becoming buddy-buddy with them. This does not sit well with me, and frankly, I’m more concerned with them than I am with Iraq right now. It’s mainly due to the instability of that bizarro man, Chavez.

That’s pretty much all I’m interested in this morning. In other news, we have problems with Afghanistan junkies and AIDS, Israel and Palestine both being told they are war criminals, and Russia saying we blocked their WTO entrance. All in all, seems like just a normal week so far, but the weekend can’t come soon enough – Liz is cooking me some Pad Thai, so it’s going to be a great time.

And now for your inspiration for the day:

Dirty Dancing was a stupid hot movie for the time. I didn’t even think the star chick was that super good looking, but man, if any movie was on par with the tango, this is it. You’ll be missed, man.


Now, on to more pressing matters.

He’s getting wedding offers and shit. The guy that tossed shoes at former president Bush has been getting all sorts of tribute, accolades, and wedding offers. He is totally unrepentant about what he did, too. Makes sense considering if he was I bet the gravy train would start drying up.

And so the cycle dangerously continues. Same pattern as WWII. Afghanistan is more dangerous than Iraq ever was. Iran and DPRK are a shadow of problems that Afghanistan could snowball into. The proximity to Islamabad has always made me nervous, too, although I hope the Pakistani government was smart enough to move nukes way the hell away from there. People only see the immediate activities of a war/battle, and do not understand the broader reaching problem. This irritates me to no end.

Hey I agree with Pelosi for once. Why the hell are we wasting more time on this? And what the hell is a resolution of disapproval? Really, can we just get a move on, the guy was an idiot and made himself look like that, who cares. We’ve got much more pressing issues to worry about.

As our ties grow tenuous, Russia’s grow stronger. That idiot Chavez has bought more arms from Russia. They seem to be moving along behind us, sweeping ties with those that simply refuse to bargain in any way. This disturbs me, and Russia’s government disturbs me. They seem to vacillate back and forth on their stance as if they are trying to play the old game of juggling politics. This is something we need to watch, as I do not trust them.

2578919169_d07a4aec5b_o copy

Rep. Wilson will smash! In what seems like an angry outburst, Rep. Wilson (South Carolina, R) yelled “You lie!” during President Obama’s speech to Congress. Of course he apologized later, and called the White House to apologize. Now it seems all fine and dandy that he claims his emotions got the better of him, but I’m willing to bet it’s more than just that. Toss your tinfoil hat on for a second: I think that he was using this just to drag attention to him and his party, and the issue the President was talking about. Go ahead and read the facts about it by clicking this link. (Ed: I know CNN has a democratic slant, but their fact checks are notoriously good). I’m rather irritated that staunch republicans are against this healthcare bill simply because it ISN’T THEIRS.

China the first to provide H1N1 vaccine. We are slated to get it in October. I wonder what the side effects are gonna end up being? I know that I’m required to get one, so I hope it’s nothing bad like hair loss.

Disturbing resemblance to Vietnam. This article goes on to talk about how locals in Pakistan are volunteering to fight against the Taliban. As a little bit of background, the Taliban has been executing local officials and tormenting the populace there since 1994. The people are finally fed up and fighting back as they should be – after all, this is NOT their way of life. It’s another group trying to impose their religious will and way of life on them. The United States doesn’t even do this, live as you want just be peaceful for Christ’s sake.

Guatemala declared a national food calamity. Consider that the next time you want to donate to a cause. Perhaps a food bank that works in the area would be a worthy cause, considering they are the fourth most undernourished country in the world according to the WHO. That’s pretty damn tragic in this day and age.


Yeah, I came in a bit late today. I was in a fog – for some reason the past two nights I couldn’t really sleep. I think I’m exercising too late or something, or maybe I’m just too excited and it’s taking me too long to calm down lately. Anyways, why don’t we shoot the shit about what’s going on this week so far?

Dynamic teaching is good. This article talks about different methods of teaching going on in the country. Let’s face it folks, unless you have your children in a vacuum, society will reach and educate them. Times have changed, communication is wide and pervasive, and children will learn. Reaching out to them through dynamic and unique methods will keep them interested in the learning process, which is more important than ever.

Iran and nukes. I’m still not as worried about them as I am in Afghanistan, but my concerns are starting to slide again. This seems way too slick for me, and with the current open-source information I just can’t make a really good judgment. I’m not really sure why the UN is being so very soft on them even though they are not doing a damn thing they are supposed to, but then again, it is the UN. Soft is their middle name. I’m going to watch this issue very very closely.

Oh Russia, you shady bastards. Was the ship carrying missiles or parts? My guess is we won’t find out, or we will find out too late. In case you are wondering why this is a pretty big problem, here’s a good generic description of the S-300 missile on wikipedia. As you can see, these falling into the wrong hands could be quite detrimental. You have to wonder though…Syria already has some, so why ship there? And why would they be dumb enough to pass these off to Iran? With the potential corruption and problems in their own country, I guess this could be a “quick” way for someone there to make a few rubles.

Israel just wants to piss people off, don’t they? So they decided to place more settlements in the west bank. Why do they insist on prodding Palestinians with sharp sticks when they keep getting close to a (relatively) peaceful state? I’m totally for the fact Israel should have it’s own state, but they keep trying to antagonize people around them. On top of that, why the hell are they so nasty to us?

I guess it’s good… that it’s a Canadian now in charge. I’m still torn over this with what I know – it is absolutely tragic that civilians were killed, but it’s equally tragic right now that we are shafting the Germans that called the airstrike. What was their reason? Do we know? Did they perceive a valid threat? On the bright side, we admitted it stunk pretty quickly and the Afghan response has been positive. I just don’t want to see the pilot or the German officers get crushed for this if their data and intel was good, and there was a definite perceived threat.

Kinda disturbing. I’m not sure if it’s an Omen or not, but it looks like craziness might be on the way.

Here’s a picture for you that never ceases to inspire me.

I’ve always wondered where labor day came from, so I decided to look it up. I’m rather surprised that apparently it originated in Canada, and then was a result of a labor dispute and rushed through Congress as a National holiday in 1894. The Pullman Strike was the catalyst or something. Although it was a National Holiday then, New York was celebrating it already as early as 1882. Pretty neat.

So this labor day I’m going to sweep through my place like a Texas Tornado and clean it up. I do think some spring cleaning is in order.

Here, have a cute picture.


Hahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha. Breathe. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahha. You don’t hit women, asshole. Period. I hope you get introduced to Bubba. PS that bowtie makes you look like a sissy.

Cheney the Anti-Christ. Actually, he isn’t that bad. But he’s still an ass. Let’s stop with other news stories since they suck and run with this.

Ok, first off, you learn quite early that torture simply doesn’t cut the bill. Let’s forget for a moment that it’s wrong, immoral, makes the country look bad, and makes us look like hypocrites. At the base level, you are trying to gain information. Every person has a breaking point, some easier than others, a point when they will tell you ANYTHING you want to hear. These “advanced interrogation techniques” MAY have provided good intel, but more than likely, the data they got was something that was a simple method to stave off any more pain. I want to make something clear – unless you are a certified interrogator though, and have been through training, there is a lot that is not known. There’s a lot we don’t know, and a lot of the report that is missing. Right now, second guessing is not the best thing to do.

I also want to throw this up for review. It seems the Federal Reserve seems to have misplaced a trillion or so dollars. Hey, that’s not nearly as much as I figured they would have lost!

General Patton is displeased.

I may or may not be laughing at you right now. (Hint: I am) It all started with the SA goons making a few fake Kenyan certificates to show you that your tinfoil hat was slipping – a lot. Someone decided to come up with a nice little generator to show you just HOW easy it is – things can even be automated!

Here, check out the birth of Butts Dodson!

See how easy it is? These even look really good – someone did some good work on it.

Get your own certificate here!

This shit is hilarious.

Get some.

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