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Allen and I have way too much time on our hands. We made this a few months ago, and I never got around to posting it. I think.

Zonewide Method for Battling Infected Entities-RELEASE

Still the best.

The S.C.P. Foundation

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New Years celebrations just stick that whole idea of firecrackers in your head for a while after. I’ve been reading some of Hawking’s work lately simply because I am enamored with physics. Hell, I might go back and get another graduate degree, this time in something like physics, but we will see. Anyways, reading last night I had a fundamental conclusion: The concept of the Big Bang or Bubble Universe in no way precludes the existence of a God. Seriously, why are people so dumb as to fight this? It makes a shitload more sense than Biblical creationism. It fits with the concept of evolution which is imminently testable and more than proven, and it completely obliterates the absolutely idiotic concept of Young Earth Creationism. I came up with a more philosophical theory, (more…)

I don’t even know exactly what that means but it sure as shit sounds cool. I find myself watching paranormal shows and laughing at how…showy, they are. But then again, as Idiocracy predicted, the masses require some pretty showy stuff to keep their attention. I think perhaps someday I will start my own group for these investigations. Hell, I have enough time that I can spend reading, maybe that will become a new hobby as I research this. I already have a list of “outside” Biblical works that I want to read, so I might as well add some solid paranormal books to the mix, (more…)

So we’ve got a serious problem brewing out there in the Pacific. Yeah, in the ” north pacific gyre” there is a bunch of concentrated plastic strewing. I found this when a friend linked me to this video here. is pretty damn awesome, by the way. Anyways, this chronicles three reporters as they go out on this scientist’s boat to see the plastic collecting in the gyre. It’s basically a big circular stream, so stuff gets caught in a circle, concentrated and stashed there. It’s pretty damn horrifying – watch the video linked.

Now here’s my conundrum: it’s coming down more and more to society versus ecology. I say this because keeping society running now requires a lot of the same shit that is polluting so bad. On the other hand, you have the severe ecologists who try to live with a zero footprint, which is frankly almost impossible in this day and age. Where can we find the compromise? We can try to shift society towards a greener lifestyle, but people are too complacent and selfish. There’s too much of a desire for hedonism and luxury, and so many people these days don’t even know the amazing high you get just from EXERCISING. It’s absolutely absurd. We can see the world slowly dying around us (yet people are still saying global warming as a consequence of this fucking pollution doesn’t exist – pull your head out of your ass please) but we would rather sit in our opulent lifestyle.

Sadly, I’m one of those. I have no idea how to fix this. It concerns me. I can’t withdraw from society and live green, because I’m a type that fights to keep society together and running safe. That’s how I roll. We need to be more concerned about this, more conscious. How do we save the world from ourselves, from our arrogance, from our hedonism (which isn’t totally bad, really), from our selfishness?

Sometimes when you are brooding, you can come up with some seriously weird shit…that actually makes sense. This one involves paranormal activity and their interaction with the world. It’s called the title.

First, a few assumptions:
1) The law of conservation of energy holds true in our universe – “There is a state function E, called ‘energy’, whose differential equals the work exchanged with the surroundings during an adiabatic process.” – Rudolf Clausius, 1850, First Law of Thermodynamics
2) Consequently, our universe is a closed system. Ignore the possibility of size expansion due to bubble theory, this has no impact.

The issue here has to relate to paranormal activity. When a paranormal entity, such as a poltergeist throwing a cup around or moving a chair, or even a ghost showing up on a picture, or someone seeing a flash of light, is observed, there is an exchange of energy. The light striking the entity causes a change in the wavelength of the light and the absorption of some – a transfer of energy. Likewise, in the case of a poltergeist, something is causing a change in momentum and a gain of kinetic energy in the object.

Here’s the thing to consider: where does this energy come from? If it is coming from within our closed system, then this means that these paranormal entities function within the laws of our physical universe, and should be completely measurable by scientific methods. These EMF readers and changes in temperature are probably correct in this case and are reliably detecting entities. In fact, if this is the case, then it means that we can probably come up with methods that work pretty well across the board.

On the other hand, we have the difficult consideration that their energy is coming from somewhere else. This means that these paranormal entities are:
1) Drawing their energy from somewhere else outside of our closed system, bridging two closed systems perhaps
2) Creating the energy themselves, lying outside of the realm of (our) physics

That has some interesting implications. It could mean that there are more dimensions that somehow these entities can cross. String theory and other crazy physics tell us that certain models definitely show the capability of other dimensions existing.

Here’s a thought exercise to consider this by. A paranormal entity pushes a chair across the floor of a person’s kitchen. In doing so, there is velocity and acceleration imparted to the chair. The entity pushing this has to gain the motive force to push the chair from somewhere, right? If the entity pulled energy from our world (we aren’t speculating where, how, or how it was converted) then there should be some measurable change that is most likely consistent with other activities like this. Of course, it could be different based on the area. In this case, it is possible that areas of cold are the entity leeching heat from the air as an energy source. Not purposefully, probably, but because they too are constrained by the laws of physics. If, on the other hand, it is pulling energy from somewhere outside our closed system to cause this move, what effect does this have on our closed system as energy is being introduced to it with no corresponding reduction anywhere else?

More importantly – what does that mean about the conservation of energy? That it can be violated in our universe and not cause any problems?

As to why it’s called the inconsistency, I used that term because as of right now, the methods and interactions of current entities are not consistent with any identifiable methods, nor can their interactions be completely quantified within standard physics.

Seriously, why am I doing this to myself? I hate calculus. I’m trying to write up the dynamic node formation over time again.

In short, for a static system it’s the summation of data points from T0 to TF. Easy enough to form the static construct. But for dynamic it gets a bit different. It starts to grow exponentially if you revisit each node, and dynamic assumes an infinite timeframe.

I think.

Yeah, pain in the ass.

So yesterday I was having that problem getting an iphone. Guess what? Shooting an email off to the CEO was the right way to do things. Turns out, the CEO of AT&T, Randall Stephenson, actually does care about his rank and file customers. Within an hour I had received a call from someone in his offices who wanted to work something out.

As I mentioned, it wasn’t about the 150$ difference at that point – it was about showing concern and a willingness to work with your customer. She sure as hell did – I have 3 free credit months of service, which is actually a sizeable amount more than the cost of the iphone itself. I’m pretty pleased with that, and actually offered to just take 1 or 2 months, as that was closer to the 150$ cost, but she would have none of it.

Just goes to show you, when you are not satisfied, sometimes if you take a few extra steps and talk to the executors, you can get what you want done. I will say that AT&T customer service has a huge disjoint between their stores and their online system. Even while I was in the store the online system did not know what was going on and actually treated their store employees like crap, as if they didn’t have a clue what they were doing despite the fact the customer was right in front of them. Not a good sign.

But once again, I want to say Bravo to the executive offices of AT&T. You reached out to the little guy, and I am definitely pleased. You’ve managed to keep one customer that was on the verge of stepping out.

It’s a pity that I have to go with another provider. Apparently, the 200$ more that you want for an iphone is more important than a 2-year contract with a customer. Here’s a little backstory:

About a year and a half ago, my old phone broke. So, I came and got a new one, and ended up with a 2-year plan. I had no intention of switching services. Now it’s time to get a new phone, and I’m looking at an iphone since I dislike upgrading phones, but I needed to move into the era of smart phones, really. Besides, trying to text on this one is a pain in the ass. So I had planned to pick one up for the discounted price of 199$. When I went in, I found that I would have to wait until DECEMBER to get this price – because there are 7 months left on my 2 year plan. It doesn’t matter that I planned to get another contract, and that they would lose a customer if I did not get this, but no one was willing to deal with me. The AT&T store manager even came up with the idea of charging me the 400$ to satisfy the apple contract, and then having at&t credit me back 200$. I would have even been fine with this, because now it was just about actually getting what the customer wanted. I didn’t really care about the money, but I found it so very difficult to believe no one at AT&T would work with me.

Now, I understand that yes, I’m requesting something outside of the norm. What I DON’T understand is why no one is willing to really work with me at all. I’m not asking for a free phone or a break in my contract. Hell, I’m RENEWING a contract. Apparently, that doesn’t quite compute or they don’t care. I can’t even believe the company would rather lose my business than even eat the 200$ for the phone costs. I just don’t get it.

And we wonder why some companies these days have so many problems at maintaining revenue and customers, because no one knows what the hell to do when there is a different issue at hand.

Basically, what I’m saying is that AT&T doesn’t care about me as a customer. Please pass this around.

Had a great dinner with Liz last night, and she gave me a bunch of leftovers. Guess who is having a fantastic dinner of Pad thai, Satay chicken, and hummus? DAMN she makes good hummus, I have to fight off coworkers to have it. Can’t wait to see her again!

On to the world news. Frankly, my concern right now is shifting from the direct threat in Afghanistan to the subtle threat that is Russia. I somehow feel like we are backsliding into a new type of cold war. Just like then, the implicit threats are growing bigger and bigger. They rank ridiculously high on the bad economy scale (after Mexico!) and high on the corruption index (After Syria and Bangladesh). This is pretty disturbing considering the ultra-nationalistic rhetoric coming out of there lately. I think this is something we need to diplomatically nip in the bud, because otherwise they are going to keep requesting concessions of some sort, and keep trying to make us look like the bad guy.

Still out of touch with reality. The Supreme Leader of Iran is pissed off at our defense plans. He really believes that we have made up all this shit about their nuclear ambitions. Correction, he is PRETENDING to believe it, as if he has no clue what their method of madness towards nuclear weapons is. Hint: Many many people know how your government work and where the lines of control are. You aren’t really fooling us, buddy. This is dangerous, and if we back down now we are setting a really nasty precedent for nuclear weapons development. Thankfully, I trust our President enough that he won’t back down.

Our President is awesome. I’m a bit biased, I guess. I find it interesting that even with all this healthcare bullshit, his approval is still pretty good. Could it be, perhaps, because people realize just how much he wants to help the country, and his people? For the first time in two terms, we have a President that cares more about the people in the country than the face of the country as a whole.

Drug staging area in West Africa All I have to say really is: what took you so fucking long? I’m surprised it took them this long to expand into a volatile area like this. There’s two things – it’s going to stabilize the area some through sheer violence, but also provide a good staging ground to hop into Southern Europe. Good yet worse.

MIT students launch a balloon to near-space. These kids are awesome. I wish I had this sorta brains when I was growing up. They get a balloon to near-space and take some ridiculously good pictures. I hope that NASA picks these two up, because we need brains like that. Oh, did I mention that they did this all for about 148$? Damn.


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