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Yeah, I came in a bit late today. I was in a fog – for some reason the past two nights I couldn’t really sleep. I think I’m exercising too late or something, or maybe I’m just too excited and it’s taking me too long to calm down lately. Anyways, why don’t we shoot the shit about what’s going on this week so far?

Dynamic teaching is good. This article talks about different methods of teaching going on in the country. Let’s face it folks, unless you have your children in a vacuum, society will reach and educate them. Times have changed, communication is wide and pervasive, and children will learn. Reaching out to them through dynamic and unique methods will keep them interested in the learning process, which is more important than ever.

Iran and nukes. I’m still not as worried about them as I am in Afghanistan, but my concerns are starting to slide again. This seems way too slick for me, and with the current open-source information I just can’t make a really good judgment. I’m not really sure why the UN is being so very soft on them even though they are not doing a damn thing they are supposed to, but then again, it is the UN. Soft is their middle name. I’m going to watch this issue very very closely.

Oh Russia, you shady bastards. Was the ship carrying missiles or parts? My guess is we won’t find out, or we will find out too late. In case you are wondering why this is a pretty big problem, here’s a good generic description of the S-300 missile on wikipedia. As you can see, these falling into the wrong hands could be quite detrimental. You have to wonder though…Syria already has some, so why ship there? And why would they be dumb enough to pass these off to Iran? With the potential corruption and problems in their own country, I guess this could be a “quick” way for someone there to make a few rubles.

Israel just wants to piss people off, don’t they? So they decided to place more settlements in the west bank. Why do they insist on prodding Palestinians with sharp sticks when they keep getting close to a (relatively) peaceful state? I’m totally for the fact Israel should have it’s own state, but they keep trying to antagonize people around them. On top of that, why the hell are they so nasty to us?

I guess it’s good… that it’s a Canadian now in charge. I’m still torn over this with what I know – it is absolutely tragic that civilians were killed, but it’s equally tragic right now that we are shafting the Germans that called the airstrike. What was their reason? Do we know? Did they perceive a valid threat? On the bright side, we admitted it stunk pretty quickly and the Afghan response has been positive. I just don’t want to see the pilot or the German officers get crushed for this if their data and intel was good, and there was a definite perceived threat.

Kinda disturbing. I’m not sure if it’s an Omen or not, but it looks like craziness might be on the way.

Here’s a picture for you that never ceases to inspire me.

Pretty amazing how dumb the spambots are. I guess there are enough people that either bulk approve their comments or have them set to auto-approve. Apparently this is a really cool domain name and tons of people want to let me know.

I feel so special.

I hate when the first news I see has to do with some celebrity shit. Lotta crap happened over the weekend apparently, but I was way out of touch.

Brown disappears *poof* First off, let me say I have no idea who this guy is. However, they want to charge him with felony battery for a domestic dispute. After all, prosecuting stars bigtime pays in publicity!
Free Antibiotics to create our own super bugs. Mixed feelings on this. It says requires a Doctor’s prescription, which is nice, but I wonder how many more people will get antibiotic-immune bugs from abuse of this. Well, at least it will help some people.
Teacher suspended for a picture with a gun. This is retarded. Even the image looks artsy styled. I hate knee-jerk reactions, and considering it came from a staff member, it was probably some fatass she turned down from a date.
OMG COMPUTER HAXORS!!@# They be stealin’ mah megahurtz.
Needs more intel. I guess we will shuffle over to Afghanistan from Iraq eventually. Here’s to hoping we just leave BOTH of the damn places.
Madagascar still screwed. Yeah they are still pissed over there. 28 more dead.
Basque leftists are dumb. Why would they think bombing a building would persuade the government to do anything other than hunt their asses down even harder? At least they didn’t kill anyone.
Note the statements about insurgents. Somehow some army idiots discharged a weapon and shot some pilgrims. That’s not the point I want to put out there – I want it to be seen that insurgents are now targeting their own people, specifically ISLAMIC PILGRIMS on a journey of piety. What the hell is wrong with these people?
Forsaking medicine for faith healing. Where do we draw the line? Should we just let children die if we believe a higher being will save them? I say no, and that it is negligence, but where do we draw the line with the government stepping in one someone’s privacy? As a spoiler, the parents of the child that died in the above story are now on trial for reckless endangerment.
Oh you wily republicans. Yeah I’m still undecided on this thing. Republicans aren’t though, and I see us on the way to some really rough political gridlock. We really need to avoid this lest we end up like dumbass california.
Caylee has angel wings. This whole situation has gone from tragic to fucking creepy to a huge waste of taxpayer’s money. I love the fact she is getting a special funeral, which is open to the public.
lol Palin lol I’m actually pretty excited to see how she spins this one. Her husband and 10 buddies are found in contempt, but no charges are supposed to be filed for this, because they apparently gave a statement. So why are we mentioning this crap in the first place?

What a load of crap.

News kinda sucks too.

Kyrgystan closing a leapfrog base. I just made that term up, clever eh? Unfortunately, this is a pretty important base for moving into afghanistan.
Blagojevich tries again. This man still swears he is innocent. He has balls of steel, that’s for sure.
Islam in orbit. I don’t besmirch the right of countries to space travel, but I still find Iran being able to deliver payloads into orbit scary.
Cross-state taxes ahoy! Massachusetts is trying to force a store based there with franchises in New Hampshire to apply it’s taxes across state boundaries.
Oh that’s brilliant. When you see an angry dog, do you poke it in the head with a sharp stick? That’s what HAMAS is doing to Israel. Do they really think this is going to accomplish anything for them?

In other news, it’s cold as hell. It was 20 degrees when I got up this morning. I was ready to go for a nice run, took 3 steps outside, turned around and went back to sleep for 45 minutes. There is no way I was going to freeze my ass off especially considering I have no gloves. This winter stuff needs to be over with already, this is killing me.

This was something I generated right after call of duty 4 came out in 2008. My friend Keith has gone through 3 accounts already and been banned on more servers than I care to count. People claim he is cheating he does so good, and I know he isn’t because he plays exactly the same on my system as his own. It reminded me of a line from a book known as Idoru by William Gibson. So one slow day, I whipped up a little theory that came from watching him play and his own explanations of why he fired where he was and why he moved where he did.

Brett was bitching that including the text was too long, so here’s a link to a word document of it:
First interpretation of information nodal point theory

I told you this shit was unexplainable.

I told you this shit was unexplainable.

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