My patience wears thin. I wish that I knew what I would be doing in 6 months right now so I know if I should flip my shit now, or if things are for the better. Really, this job, while not so bad, really doesn’t challenge me like I want to be challenged. Every day I think about getting to something else that I can really sink my teeth into.


That and I’m about to get out of the reserves because I really don’t have the time to dedicate to it, I think.

I’ve thought long and hard about this topic. This was a tough one to present. I want to caveat my statements by saying I’m not Muslim, nor am I a Christian, a Jew, a Hindu, whatever. I don’t do the organized religion. I defend freedom of religion, religion that treats others with respect and kindness – Islam does, it’s radical Islam that doesn’t. Let me break it down real fast before I get into this:

Radical Islam : Islam  <——- as ——-> Westboro Baptist Church : Christianity

There’s a fantastic thread on SA in the E/N forums that has some good advice for EVERYONE. It can definitely make your life and outlook a lot better. Here’s the steps:

1. Stand up straight. Shoulders relaxed and back, head facing the world.
2. Smile more often. It doesn’t even have to be a full-out smile. Just think about smiling and learn to smile with your eyes, or as Tyra Banks calls it “smeyes” or however you spell it.

I haven’t been able to shake this feeling that I’m missing something lately. On top of that, I can’t stop thinking about the Midwest, and now have this disturbing desire to move there. “WTF” is only mildly appropriate, since I am like joined at the hip with the ocean.

So I’ve been so out of sorts lately – I see shit like the oil disaster, then I see retards like those morons on the Sea Shepherd spending all this cash to stop whaling, without doing a fucking thing about the destruction of the earth. These idiots have their priorities all fucked up. We really need to push for a greater understanding of the ecology. Let’s put an American Indian in office or something.

So much shit piling up. Disaster after disaster, with Iran and North Korea rattling nuclear sabers and generally acting like irresponsible little twats. It’s disconcerting, and this feeling that something bad is about to happen in the world just won’t go away, it gets stronger and stronger.

Maybe I’m actually Mayan or something.

Some people try to downplay it. Some people don’t even really know what’s going on. A friend of mine said “BP stock will continue to fall until the next little blonde is kidnapped or a senator is in a sex scandal”. I think she was true, unfortunately. I can’t shake the malaise that I see every damn time I catch a glimpse of the oil spilling out, which, unfortunately, is every morning when I check out the ROV feeds from “BP is evil”. It’s seriously like something out of a crazy heaven and hell style movie. Watching the oil along with the toxic corexit spraying everywhere makes me wonder if this is a picture of what hell looks like directly.

It just frightens me on some cellular level. I mean, the amount of oil coming from this wellhead is very fucking significant. Look at it! This isn’t some damn trickle, and all this has to go somewhere. Where is it going to go? Every damn nook and cranny in the gulf and beyond, and here we have BP still doing everything it can to up its profit margins.

Ladies and gentlemen – this is our new hell, and this is the legacy our families will have to live with, affecting all Americans but especially those on the gulf coast, for the next few thousand years.

This is not for the faint of heart.

So I had this strange dream last night. I don’t remember all of it, but the weirdest was the end. I was some sort of detective in the future. Yuliya was with me as we went to check out a murder. The chief of police was with us, and she was a small black woman. We went in the crime scene, turning right at the end of this apartment block, with music blaring from the door to the left. Walking in, the bathroom on the left had a male body lying on the floor, of who I recognized him. Straight was I guess a living room that had stacks and stacks of supplies, and to the right was a small closet. I checked the body, and remember mumbling something about Petey and we tried to hard to save you, and some other stuff. Apparently he had 4 small holes in the back of his head. The chief left as we looked around. When I went to the front and examined the door, the body was gone when I came back and the chief was standing there, in a nightgown.

Now it gets weird. I realized that the “corpse” was the chief now, so I grabbed it’s hands. It morphed into a small blonde girl that asked “what took you so long”. I don’t remember exactly what was said, but apparently he had gained powers and took on this form, faked his own death, and was going to kill us to keep the secret safe. His right hand could manipulate time and space, and his left could pulse with light and sound that could melt humans. I said “Petey, after all we did to save you?” and he said “You’re right – keep my secret safe”. Pushed me away, said “bye!” stepped around the corner, and disappeared with a flash of light, I guess from bending space.

So strange.

Ok! Finally friday, quite a productive week though. The world is still tilting on it’s axis with all the craziness going on, and I’m still struggling to get going today.

Anyone else find it an almost evil act of irony that an oil rig burned and started leaking oil on earth day?

Yeah. Me too.

Detroit is becoming the next thunderdome wasteland. Ok, so I’m exaggerating. A bit. A little. Somewhat. However, Chris Hansen (yeah I think it’s the same to catch a predator dude) went there to do some reports and took some aerial shots – and he called it a Sarajevo. Little side note is that Sarajevo is amazing now and has recovered better than anyone would believe. (Quick comparison here.)

From the article originally linked at Something Awful:

“Today, from the air, parts of Detroit look like a war zone,” Hansen said in a voiceover near the beginning of the special, before he listed some of the most shocking facts about the city’s current state—the population is less than half of what it was decades ago; there are 400 liquor stores there, but only eight supermarkets—all while panning shots of the consequences of its deterioration flashed on the screen.


Yeah I couldn’t sleep last night. At least I get to go home a bit early. However, there’s some news that’s been irking me since I checked my RSS feeds for the day.

First off, yet again, a faction of Islam is blaming bad shit in the world on women. This gets tiresome so fast – it’s just another attempt at social control on women. There’s no fucking correlation between showing a little leg or hair (seriously he was complaining about hair showing under scarves) and a damn earthquake. Perhaps this is an even greater attempt to get people behind the idea of building a new capital at Qom, which would have NO significance as being the site of the Fordow uranium enrichment facility, right? Yet Ahmadinejad has said people should leave Tehran and plans to build that capital at Qom. Oh what the hell, they are just crazy. This is not the fault of women, dressing for comfort doesn’t make the world fall over.

Did they or didn’t they? Push and pull fight about Syria giving scuds to Hezbollah. Mossad might be one of the best agencies in the world, and I have problems doubting the veracity of this claim. Syria has been unstable for so long, and gotten their ass beaten by Israel so many times that I really think they would slip a few scuds south. This could be exceptionally dangerous for Israel – if it turns out this is true, prepare for heavy rolls as retaliation strikes forth. This is gonna hurt. Supplementing this, there is another story about White House fears that Syria is leaking “advanced” technology. It’s like they continue to want to piss Israel off, yet they know they are going to get smashed into little piles of goo. If anyone can show the world that a little bit of determination will go a long way, then it is the Israelis.

I find this amusing as hell. I don’t know how they plan to collect, but it’s funny that GW forgot to return some books. It’s going to be FUNNIER when someone DOES find them somewhere.

There’s a reason that picture is under the “creepy” folder. That’s a MIRV reentry of an old peacekeeper missile. In light of the news, I think it’s somewhat appropriate. In fact, the world gets creepier and creepier every fucking day.

On a side note, I just caught two stories on the BBC I had missed earlier.

First off, Ehud Barak, the man that MADE Sayerot Mat’kal the force it is today, said that it is certain that a Palestinian state will be established. I was really not expecting this considering the brutality that he has seen and been part of himself. I think Barak, that “lock-picking bastard”, is an amazing person, but I never expected him to see this as a necessity. Nor did I think he would believe that it could function properly. However, if he has faith that it has to happen, and you can be sure that he will make sure it is secure, then it will work.

Secondly, Iran is still insane. Khamenie, this time, calling the US “An atomic criminal”. Really? He then has the gall to say that nuclear attacks are prevented by religion – yet somehow jihad attacks on civilians are not? Even, you know, considering jihad doesn’t really exist in most Muslim faiths. Oh, what a card. Iran is a threat to all civilized societies across the world, and it’s unclear as to what we can do about them.

I am concerned.

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